Our Services

We minimize logistics cost, risk, and effort, and optimize profitability by dynamically orchestrating logistics service for an enterprise using cutting edge artificial intelligence, ecosystem platform, operations research, statistical, stochastic, and mathematical models.

DLS provides an intelligent courier services for corporates and individuals. This service coordinates implicitly with different service providers using intelligent and plausible models to provide a service attributed with low cost, high quality, and exceptional customer experience.

Supply chain is the most capital intensive, risky, anomalous, expensive, and unpredictable task. Consequently, SCO enables enterprises to fully or partially outsource their supply chain using our intelligent orchestration engines to minimize their cost and risk, and optimize their quality.

In Logiscos, we have disruptively innovated numerous inventory models such as delegated JIT model, mobile inventory model, empathy-based inventory models, intelligent inventory model … etc. This minimizes the cost, time, risk and commitment, and optimizes profitability.

Logiscos provides services that cover the entire value chain of any enterprise. This is mainly empowered by our complementers. Consequently, OOS empowers enterprises to seamless outsource any part of their operations to minimize cost, and risk and optimize their profitability.

Logiscos is well integrated with end-consumers, as well as it has rich knowledge about their preferences, perceived values, and constraints. Using our intelligent demand stimulation engines, we generate demand for service providers with minimal cost, and effort.

Logiscos is integrated both operationally, and technologically with FinTech via its service aggregation ecosystem. Using the services provided by this FinTech firms, we empower our customer to finance their logistics service with minimal fees, risk, and effort.

In Logiscos, we empower multiple service providers to create their own network, thereby creating virtual collation that act as single large enterprise to handle price wars, demand constraints and economic dynamics, and to access domestic and international markets.